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A long and rich history makes for a unique

and distinguished breed

The New Forest Pony is a recognized British Isles breed, but has an unusual background for a native pony. The earliest record of horses in the New Forest of England dates back to 1016 when rights of common pasture were granted to the people living in what was a royal hunting ground. Since then, either as specific attempts to improve the breed or just as part of the normal life and trade in the New Forest, many outside breeds were introduced. Notable bloodlines were Welsh, Thoroughbred, Arabian and Hackney. Later, another concerted effort was made to improve the New Forest blood and other British Isles pony bloodlines were introduced to achieve this, including Fell Ponies, Dales, Highlands, Dartmoors and Exmoors. As the New Forest Ponies of purebred descent were found to live the longest in the New Forest, in 1930, the practice of running stallions of other breeds on the forest was abolished, and the studbooks were closed in the 1950’s. The end result is a solid and hardy pony, with a few horse-like characteristics, particularly in movement.
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