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Rules & Regulations

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The mission of the New Forest Pony Society of North America (NFPSNA) is to promote, preserve and purify the New Forest Pony Breed in North America in ways that are consistent with the rules and regulations of the New Forest Pony Society in the UK. As such, there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to by the Society in order to correctly preserve the purity of the breed and ensure fairness to members.  Primary components include: Membership Rules and Regulations Registry Rules and Regulations Criteria for Registration Prefixes Registered Names & Name Changes Stallion Licensing Change of Ownership Show Rules and Regulations NFPSNA Lifetime Achievement Program NFPSNA Year-End Awards Program USDF All-Breed Awards Program Show Names In order to keep members up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations of the society, an electronic version is maintained and redistributed to members on updates, as well as posted to the website.  Be sure to check back often to ensure you are working with the latest version.  To download, please click on the image to the right ----->
                      New Forest Pony Society                  of North America
North American Registry and Daughter Studbook of the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society of England
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