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Show Programs

Awards Programs

The New Forest Pony Society of North America supports three awards programs: NFPSNA Lifetime Achievement NFPSNA Year-End Awards USDF All-Breed Awards The NFPSNA Lifetime Achievement and NFPSNA Year-End Awards are run in parallel by the NFPSNA, with ponies accumulating points annually toward Year-End Awards that also go toward cumulative Lifetime Achievement Awards.  Recognition is provided by the Society at the end of the calendar year in the form of publicized results, ribbons and awards for Year-End Awards, while Lifetime Achievement Points are added in the form of “stars” added to a pony’s registration certificate denoting the attainment of a certain numbers of points. Ponies must be registered with the New Forest Pony Society of North America and in most instances, owners/ lessees/exhibitors must be current members in good standing in order for points to be accumulated in any of the programs.  All programs are open to registered Purebred, Part-Bred and Section X ponies.  Ponies must compete under their registered name unless a show name has been applied for and granted by the NFPSNA.  Please reference the Rule Book for further details.

Lifetime Achievement

Ponies enrolled in the NFPSNA Lifetime Achievement Program will earn recognition as they accumulate show points from year-to-year in the NFPSNA Year-End Awards Program. Points are cumulative over a pony’s lifetime.  A pony needs only to be enrolled once to participate in the NFPSNA Lifetime Achievement Program, there are no further annual enrollment obligations.  Points earned once enrolled will follow the pony through its lifetime, regardless of ownership. Read More...

Year-End Awards

The New Forest Pony Society of North America is proud to sponsor a Year-End Awards Program. There are many categories, besides traditional competitions for ponies, in which members can participate to earn points toward Year-End Awards.  Those points, in turn, also go toward Lifetime Achievement Awards for NFPSNA registered New Forest Ponies. To be considered for awards and lifetime achievement awards, points from shows must be submitted to an NFPSNA appointed Show Points Secretary, and certain rules and regulations must be adhered to. Read More...

USDF All-Breed Awards

The USDF All-Breed Awards is a joint awards program between the United States Dressage Federation and the NFPSNA.  Certain requirements set by the NFPSNA as well as the USDF must be met in order for ponies and their riders to participate.  Recognition is provided by the USDF, co-sponsored by the NFPSNA, at the end of the competition year in the form of awards for first and second placing in each level sponsored by the NFPSNA. Read More...
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