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NFPSNA Year-End Awards

A Program to Showcase and Reward the Many Talents of

the NFPSNA Registered New Forest Pony

Promoting New Forest Ponies throughout North America is part of the New Forest Pony Society of North America’s mission.  And what better way to promote the breed than to have members get their ponies out and about, showing off the breed’s versatility, athletic ability and talent to the public.  The Year-End Awards Program is designed to encourage members to showcase their ponies at public venues, such as shows, clinics, events and parades, creating wonderful memories, introducing others to the breed and earning points toward not only year-end awards, but lifetime achievement awards, as well. Eligibility: Ponies must be registered with the New Forest Pony Society of North America and a copy of the registration papers must be submitted to the NFPSNA Points Secretary with the first show report.  Purebred, Part-bred and Section X ponies may compete for Year-End Awards. Owners of ponies, or lessees in the cases of leased ponies, must be members in good standing of the New Forest Pony Society of North America with dues having been paid in full before the date of the event for the points to be counted (in the case of equitation classes the rider will be scored points as long as he/she is a member in good standing). Riders/Handlers must be members in good standing to receive points for Rider/Handler/Equitation. (See Membership for more information.) Year-end award points will be counted from January 1- December 31 of the current year. In case a show opens before or closes after the point accumulation deadlines, the entire show will count in the same year. For example if a show starts on December 31 and goes to January 3 the points will count in the year the show began. Ponies must be signed up for Lifetime Achievement. This is a once in a lifetime enrollment and LTA Application form that must be completed, along with a copy of the registration certificate and payment, prior to submitting the first Show Report Form. (See Lifetime Achievement Program for more information.)


The NFPSNA grants points toward Year-End Awards and Lifetime Achievement for seemingly limitless categories.  Below are just a few examples of what our members can submit points for.  Please reference the Rule Book for all categories, their definitions and points awarded.  
                      New Forest Pony Society                  of North America
North American Registry and Daughter Studbook of the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society of England

Don’t Forget!

Be sure you have the correct paperwork to make those hard-earned points count: NFPSNA Membership NFPSNA Registration Lifetime Achievement Enrollment Show Report Form o Submitted within 90 days of the event and no later than Jan 15th for the year Event Documentation o Prize list, score sheet, email confirmation, photo proof of participation, etc. Fill Out Forms Completely & Legibly Read All The Rules...
Rules & Regulations Show Programs Lifetime Achievement USDF All-Breed Awards Forms & Fees

Show Names

Ponies showing under names other than their NFPSNA Registered Name must apply for and be granted a Show Name (or AKA Name) in order to accrue points under that Show Name.  Show Names can be changed, but only one Show Name may be used at any one time.  Both Show Name and Registered Name must appear on Show Report Forms.